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Types of juniper router

One-Liner: Juniper Networks, Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company develops and markets networking products, including routers, switches, network management software, network security products, and software-defined networking technology.

Description: Juniper Networks originally focused on core routers, which are used by internet service providers (ISPs) to perform IP address lookups and direct internet traffic. Through the acquisition of Unisphere, in 2002, the company entered the market for edge routers, which are used by ISPs to route internet traffic to individual consumers. In 2003, Juniper entered the IT security market with its own JProtect security toolkit before acquiring security company NetScreen Technologies the following year. In the early 2000s, Juniper entered the enterprise segment, which accounted for one-third of its revenues by 2005. As of 2014, Juniper has been focused on developing new software-defined networking products

Product families: Juniper Networks originally focused on core routers, which are used by internet service providers (ISPs) to perform IP address lookups and direct internet traffic. Through the acquisition of Unisphere, in 2002, the company entered the market for edge routers, which are used by ISPs to route internet traffic to individual consumers. In 2003, Juniper entered the IT security market with its own JProtect security toolkit before acquiring security company NetScreen Technologies the following year. In the early 2000s, Juniper entered the enterprise segment, which accounted for one-third of its revenues by 2005. As of 2014, Juniper has been focused on developing new software-defined networking products

As of February 2020, Juniper's product families include the following:

  • EX Series: Enterprise Ethernet switches
  • WLAN Products: Controllers, access points and software
  • QFX Series: Datacenter switches
  • SRX Series: Security products for data centers and branch locations
  • Junos Operating System
  • Junos Space: Service Oriented Architecture development environment for network applications
  • Contrail: Brand of software defined networking software and networking controllers
  • Marvis: Mist's AI Network Assistant that is also compatible with Juniper's switches through its Wired Assurance feature.
  • AP41: The most popular enterprise-grade Access Point available through Mist. Tailored for WiFi, BLE, and IoT.
  • AP43: An upgraded AP41 with WiFi 6
  • AP61: A long-range access point ideal for outdoor use like college campuses

Routing Engine Types and Characteristics

One-Liner: Seamless adaptation of services and payment based on resources used.

Description: Elastic Compute Service is marked by the strength to which resources can be adapted to the needs of changing workloads. Our service will ensure that you never overuse any resource at a point in time. ECS will automate your demand to the most efficient use of available resources. The most flexible cost-effective solution for your cloud hosting. With our latest technology, streamline your activity in a simple framework and operate at top speed.

Auto Scaling

One-Liner: Scale your resource automatically to adjust to the changing nature of your business.

Description: We understand the importance of your business shifts. Scale up your resource in your peak period of the day and scale it down in the off-peak stages. Again, redistribute your resource across all your virtual machines based on its required levels. The Auto Scaling service helps you automate all this in a pre-configured manner, and you can customize the rules based on your requirements. We provide both virtual scaling and horizontal scaling options to cater to all your needs. And don’t worry, the rules are easily adjustable as well, anytime you require.

Vertical Scaling: Pre-configure touchpoints within the day to notch up your performance to a higher level or notch it down when you don’t require.

Horizontal Scaling: Scale the supply of Elastic cloud servers that you may require at any point in time. It will allow you in distributing load across several virtual machines or in specific/limited virtual machines based on your need.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

One-Liner: Virtual Server for everyone.

Juniper Routing Instances

routing-instances: On a Juniper switch or router, we can create additional virtual routing tables, called routing-instances. These are similar to a VRF on a Cisco Router. Each routing instance groups routing tables (remember different tables are used for different families), interfaces, and protocol configuration into a single place. This can be used to separate traffic. For example, the default IPv4 unicast routing table is inet.0. When creating a new instance, an additional routing table, perhaps example.inet.0 is created. Unlike Cisco, there are several clearly defined types of routing tables, depending on how they’re used.

Common Types: There are quite a few instance types, many of which are only available on larger platforms. Here, we’ll focus on the five common types that we might find on an EX-Series switch.

No Forwarding: no-forwarding is the default instance type, and is very similar to VRF-Lite. However, there’s a small twist to be aware of, which can be a bit confusing, especially if (like me) you’re from a Cisco background. This routing instance creates a separate routing table, but it does not create a separate forwarding table. Remember that JunOS has a very clear definition between routing (control plane) and forwarding (forwarding plane). The result is that routes may be learned from various sources, and installed in the instance’s routing table. The best routes are then pushed into the default forwarding table. Why would you want to do this? It’s very handy if you want to have more than one instance of a routing protocol (only one instance of a routing protocol is allowed per routing table), but don’t want to fully separate your traffic.

Load Balancing as a service

One-Liner: Smart distribution of Traffic to ensure consistency in your performance.

Description: Elastic Load Balancer ensures a stable performance to all the end users of your cloud service. It minimizes the extent of fault to a great extent and guarantees a consistent and reliable performance. It can support a cluster of connections based on your enterprise requirement as well as your application requirement. We will help you maintain an adequate response time of your virtual machines.

VPN Gateway - VPN as a service

One-Liner: Ensure your privacy across the internet with our secured encryption system.

Description: Data transmission across the internet platforms or enterprise data centres aren’t protected without in a public network. Reliability and security of any transmission are always in question if data is transmitted in such a manner. VPN as a service helps to create a secure gateway in your connection by transmitting encrypted traffic across the different networks.

Firewall as a Service

One-Liner: L2, L3, L7 - based network protection mechanism.

Description: The importance of Firewall as a service is important in modern businesses. We provide you with the next generation firewalls as appliances (both dedicated and virtual) along with other network security functions as a cloud service. We will fully support and secure your appliances over its complete life cycle. FwaaS will help eliminate the appliance form factor to make firewall services available everywhere within your company. Your organization’s entire network will be connected to a single/multiple firewall with a unified application-aware security policy.

Router as a service

One-Liner: Create your own routing policy in your dedicated cloud.

Description: Router is quite a common term among us and its objective is simple - Carrying forward data packets between the networks. It’s connected to the data lines where it carries the IP packets. Our Router as a service will provide you with an exceptional level of scalability and flexibility and assist you in building the best networking infrastructure.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

One-Liner: Leverage your servers, devices and services to develop a secure and isolated cloud network.

Port info as below:

user@host> show interfaces terse
Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote
pfe-1/0/0               up    up
pfe-1/0/0.16383         up    up   inet
pfh-1/0/0               up    up
pfh-1/0/0.16383         up    up   inet
bcm0                    up    up <----------------
bcm0.0                  up    up   inet
lsi                     up    up
mtun                    up    up
pimd                    up    up
pime                    up    up
tap                     up    up

Shared Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): For a set of clients, we will provide you with a single resource pool.

Dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): There will be one resource pool for each client.


One-Liner: Early stage detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks.

Description: DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) can slow down access to your service or applications, and more often than not create discontent among your customers. With our Anti-DDoS service, we will check all the incoming access to your services and identify the misleading or malicious requests. The suspected requests will be automatically re-routed and the service would be freed up within seconds.

Web Application Firewall

One-Liner: Secure your website from any external threats.

Description: Your website security is the topmost priority of our WAF (web application firewall). It will detect any malicious traffic at a very early stage and counter its damage to protect your data at all times. WAF will help prevent any malfunctions and also send data to our servers for every attack to further investigate the requirement of other interventions.

SSL Certificates Service

One-Liner: Secure site browsing.

Description: Our SSL Certificates service will help you purchase and manage the SSL certificates you require for sitewide HTTPS security privilege. This service helps to develop a firm channel between two machines to operate over an internal network or internet. For example, SSL secures the connection between a web browser and a web server, where it turns the website address from HTTP to HTTPS, where ‘S’ stands as secure.

Managed Security Service

One-Liner: Your security solution, We manage its action.

Description: Our managed security service will completely take over your security solution to help it operate properly. We will regularly integrate your feedback into our security service management and provide regular reports to highlight a comprehensive look at your total security structure.

Threat Detection Service

One-Liner: Detect and notify threats at early instances.

Description: Our Threat Detection service is equipped with a dashboard that displays current information to effectively manage any threats to your service before it arises. An alarm function can be pre-configured with a rule-based approach so you can monitor your resources effectively and also get notified in time.

One-Liner: Take your business to the next level.

Description: Modern business has set the trend of online presence towards an upward trajectory. Website hosting and the perfect domain naming is a staple to set out your Startup or redefine your existing venture. We provide you with a comprehensive solution with an array of services available in our repertoire.

Web Hosting: Easy to use technology like Wordpress to design the best-looking website and an effective one at that.

Domains: Get a domain that matches with your organization.

Domain Name Services (DNS): Turn all your IP addresses into domain names protected by our security solutions.

Mail as a service: An application interface service that helps to manage your inbox and outbox, and track them in the process as well. (descriptive).

Application Service

Host your preferred applications on our cloud including Cpanel+WHM, WHMCS, Log service, ERP, WordPress, Magento, Splunk, Elastic Search, Nagios, Opencart.

Object Storage Service

One-Liner: Oversee your storage in one platform and an easy-to-use application interface.

Description: Object storage service is one of the proper options for your business development. It gives complete room for development with high scalability, total availability and durability. Data will be automatically distributed across our physical facilities to ensure its buildout and safety. Our encryption system allows you taking precautionary measures to prevent unwarranted data losses or inadvertent sharing. We offer you the most flexible set of administrative capabilities and storage management.

Network Attached Service

One-Liner: A network connected device for storage and data retrieval from a central location.

Description: Our Network Attached Service (NAS) is easily adjustable and scalable. We will cater to your needs of additional storage along with your business activities. It’s essentially a private cloud in your office providing all the benefits of a public cloud with full control in your hands. The data storage in a centralized location will ensure its safety as well as provide you required data with advanced data-backup systems.

Elastic Volume Service

One-Liner: Elastic Scalability to your business data.

Description: Block storage is the process through which data is stored in volumes, known as Blocks. Elastic Volume Service (EVS) provides a scalable solution for your block storage. Our EVS comes with the high specifications to provide you with an easy-to-access solution for all your business needs.

SED based storage

One-Liner: The Best solution to any data loss complications with negligible impact on system performance.

Description:Self-encrypting drives (SED) is a hard drive built into the disk drive, and can automatically encrypt and decrypt data from media. SED based storage is one of the best options for common data loss problems. It is easy to use and has virtually no impact on your system performance.


One-Liner: An easy to manage MySQL relation database service.

Description: Pace’s MySQL Database Service is a completely managed solution which is easy to set up and maintain. Our platform will help you to properly manage and administer your MySQL relational databases.


One-Liner: An Effortless solution to your business to use your preferred SQL tools.

Description: Microsoft SQL Database (MSSQL) is relational cloud database service compatible with SQL server technology. Use this fully manageable system to learning software patterns and comply in maximizing business performance.


One-Liner: Deliver solutions your customers expect with speed and innovation.

Description: Oracle cloud solution provides your customers with the pace and innovation they seek. Enable this outstanding solution in a secure and connected cloud suite and take your business performance to the next level. Rooted with the best in-practices solution to enhance your analytic potential, connect with Oracle and match your performance with the market demands.


One-Liner: Cloud database solution saving time and risk.

Description: Pacecloud’s MongoDB solution is your best option for the most secure and elastically scalable cloud database service. It supports both the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures and can be easily deployed in a short time-frame. Our services entail automatic monitoring with advanced solutions to disaster tolerance activities.

Container Service for Docker

One-Liner: Manage your containerized applications methodically.

Description: Container Service for docker is a high dispatch and scalable container solution to manage applications over its lifecycle. Our service provides you with an array of application publishing methods with continuous delivery capabilities to support the inner framework of your microservice architectures.

Container Service for Kubernetes

One-Liner: Run your Kubernetes containerized applications in a coherent manner.

Description: Container service for Kubernetes give your organization an industry-leading performance in terms of effective operation of your Kubernetes containerized applications. We simplify cluster creation and expansion that integrates cloud services of virtualization, network, storage and security.

Bare Metal as a Service

One-Liner: Complete freedom for all your design needs.

Description: Bare Metal as a service (BMaaS) is equipped with a host operating system and does not come with hypervisors and virtualization. Users have maximum freedom to their designs. They can design based on their supplemented hypervisors and virtualization technologies. It provides a consistency in performance since it has no hypervisor attached. Its an ideal option for Big Data Analytics as well.

Commvault based DR

One-Liner: Disaster recovery option matching the complex nature of modern data environment.

Description: Pacecloud’s Commvault based disaster recovery service will provide an array of supporting multiple data recovery tiers for an end-to-end solution to complement the multiplex structure of the modern data frame. Extending into the applications, and the endpoints, we will provide you with a cost-effective solution to fit the needs of your total infrastructure.

Hyperflex Native Replication-based DR

One-Liner: Disaster recovery option to give your business the flexibility and functionality it requires.

Description: Pacecloud’s hyperflex Native Replication-based Disaster recovery is bound to deliver superior performance for end-to-end solution across all your data recovery tiers. Individual Hyperflex will be dedicated to deliver consistent service throughout multiple sites.

Hyperflex stretched cluster based DR

One-Liner: Disaster recovery option to match your site balancing needs and availability.

Description: Stretched cluster based Disaster recovery service is stretched by a single hyperflex to multiple sites. It is the best option for a business when proactive load balancing and high availability is required for its application development activities.

VMWare SRM based DR

One-Liner: A site recovery manager providing disaster recovery and automated failover testing.

Description: VMware SRM based data recovery system should be your go-to solution to speed up your disaster recovery time-frame to a great extent. Prioritize your recovery process by specifying orders in which VM’s will be restored. VMware SRM helps to synchronize data recovery in an automated fashion between the primary and backup data centre sites.

SAP Hosting as a Service

One-Liner: Efficient and Resilient use of SAP applications like never before.

Description: Pacecloud’s SAP hosting as a service is the best platform to run SAP applications in the cloud. It can handle all your complex and critical enterprise applications in a methodical and economic manner. Our proactive compliance reporting system will ease your hosting of SAP applications. We will cater to your crucial business needs, that ensures your SAP hosted applications are coherent and adaptable.


One-Liner: Keep your cloud data safe at all times.

Description: Backup-as-a-service is an easily manageable guide to ensure data backup in an inexpensive manner. We will protect your valuable data comprised over a number of scenarios in the remote centres, enterprise-level data centres, branch offices, or on the cloud itself. Our service supports data compression, encryption, compression, and deduplication to effectively manage and protect your data.

App Backup and Restore: Backup and restore the data of all your application in your time of need.

VM Backup and Restore: Backup and restore the critical data stored from your Virtual Machines.

File Backup and Restore: Recover your file from accidental deletes with the most secure backup service.


Pay-as-you-go: Modify specifications to your need and pay your bill on the resources used.

Create-your-own Package (Subscription):: Customize your specifications and pay monthly bills on your designed package.

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  • Private, Public Cloud
  • Virtual Private Server
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  • All types of power equation for system with Network supply & service
  • Firewall as a Service
  • Router as a Service
  • DDoS Protection as a Service (F5 Solution)
  • Backup as a Service
  • domain name registration and hosting
  • Network Hardware Accessories supply and Maintenance
  • professional it training
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  • website design and development
  • Digital Security Solutions
  • WAF as a Service- WAP (F5,Cisco,fortinet, paloalto Solution)